Trump or Hillary? An Inside Look On the Election

Cheyenne Zinnkosko

The 2016 Presidential Election is fast approaching and will occur on November 8, 2016. Many are getting ready to make the decision as to who the President should be. Some are voicing their opinions ever so loudly, to be heard. Though, some don’t know who to vote for or are just very conflicted. For anyone out there, the nominees for the position as President of the United States: for the Republican Party, there is Donald Trump, a successful businessman and now presidential nominee and Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State of the Democratic Party. All qualified candidates, they are all racing (literally) to grab more votes and support for their campaigns. Though, as the Election draws nearer, these candidates are pushing harder and harder to grab votes.

Now, what are the candidates stances on major issues, such as health care and education? And how did a third party gain a spot in the election? Well, these questions shall be answered in this article, just hang on tight, this is going to be a long ride!

Where do They Stand?


Education is very important. Not only does the president decide what students learn, but he or she will decide who has access to it.

So, where does Hillary Clinton stand on education? She wishes to rebuild schools in America, so that they are in top shape and a fit place for learning. She believes that the condition in which some schools are in is unacceptable and that this needs to change. Not only will she change the state of these schools, but she promises to make every school in America a safe learning environment in which no harsh discipline is used.

As for Trump, he believes in a society in which college students are not buried in student debt, and that everyone has access to education. Not only does Trump believe in this, he also wishes that local governments (of each state) should have complete control over education, rather than the federal government having most of the control over it.

Health Care

The issue of health care touches upon whether or not individuals should have access to medicine, hospital treatment, etcetera. The candidates have vast opinions on this subject.

Hillary Clinton,with all her might, defends the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) and strongly believes in making healthcare a “public option.” She will also find ways to give healthcare to those who are in need of it, and defend “access to reproductive health care (affordable contraception and believes in letting women have the right to an abortion).”

Now, for Donald Trump. He believes in repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), making medicine more accessible to the public, and modify any laws that “inhibit the sale of health insurance across state lines.”

Interesting, right? These candidates have similar, yet different stances on education and health care. Though, rather recently, a new variable was brought into the election; Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. Now, candidates of third parties have not been able to obtain a solid position in any Presidential elections or even in debates. But now, Johnson has received ten percent of the votes so far. (In order to get into the debates, a candidate needs fifteen percent of the votes). But what does this mean for the election? This means that a third party, being the Libertarian Party in this case, can grasp the spotlight and influence the nation with better resources and a proper stage.

That’s it! That is an inside look on the 2016 Presidential Election! Thank you for reading!