Girl’s Basketball Team Covid Cancellations


Joshua Webb, Staff Writer

The girls’ basketball team has faced a large amount of adversity this year. After starting the season off with a strong record of 5-1, with five consecutive wins, the team fell into calamity. Their next five games were canceled due to multiple players having Covid-19. Then after a 38-33 win on their return game against Londonderry, their next game was also postponed. The cancellations have clearly not deterred the basketball team, given that they have only lost their first game of the season.

Mr. Largy, the 5th year head coach for the girl’s basketball team, has led this team to a great season before. During the 2019-2020 season, the Grizzlies made a Final Four appearance before the season was cut short due to Covid-19. GHS received the title of Co-Champions. During his time at Goffstown, the Grizzlies have had a solid record of 51-30. This year, despite the setbacks, the Grizzlies are a dark horse team to win it all. Mr. Largy has stated that “even during our break, the team has stayed ready” by putting up shots during their own time or watching film of themselves to improve. He thought that the team started up right where they left off with a “good win over a good Spaulding team”. He has high hopes for this season because he feels that we have a solid team.

Ava Ruggiero, a junior at GHS and a guard on the basketball team, has shown her excitement to return. She explained that “it is nice to practice and be with the whole team again”. She didn’t think the cancellation of the games would affect the team too much because of how much they have already played together. The 2021-2022 team is very similar to last year’s basketball team. She said “we know how each person plays and it is easy to get back into rhythm, even with a long break.”

The girl’s basketball team seems to be back in rhythm despite the setbacks midseason. This year, they have a chance of returning to the Final Four or possibly winning a true Championship. The team has three tough matchups against Bedford, Portsmouth, and Concord before reaching the final stretch of the season.