The Beginning of a New Story


Arriving in NH

Tanya Permkitpaisarn, Staff Writer


When you start a new book, you never know what the story will be about. You don’t know any details of it until you read it. It is like traveling to a place you have never been before. You don’t know how it will look until you are there. You don’t know what will happen. Recently, I began a new book that I haven’t read before, and it’s an adventure story.  A story where I am the main character.

I am an exchange from Thailand, and I will be in the United States for a year. My name is Tanya but my real name is Tanyaporn. I know it is funny for you because of the English meaning of some words in my name.  I would like you to know in the Thai language “Porn” means wishing. This is my first time in the United States, so I am very excited. It is a new challenge for me. Before I came here, I lived in the big city of Bangkok. Some people know this city from the  American movie Hangover 2. It is a big city. It has sky trains, subways and terrible of traffic jams. In Thailand we have a lot of things like the U.S. has, such as the restaurants Mcdonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and Dunkin Donuts. Most things here are new for me such as school buses and the 7- eleven gas stations (in my country we have just the stores). Sometimes, it is hard for me to communicate to others in a language that is not my first language. I hope you will understand me if I speak repetitiously.

I look forward to this new book, and I hope it will be my greatest year.  I know I will experience new things and have unforgettable moments that I will continue to cherish throughout the chapters of my life.