Soaking Up The Sun

Tips to Prepare You for Summer

Kelly Arnold, Staff Writer

Summer is almost here! The beach balls, popsicles, and flip-flops are making their way back into all of our summer routines. With summer comes the warmer weather and being prepared for it is important. Here is a list of steps to be prepped and ready for the summer sun:

  • Drink water and drinks that replenish electrolytes. (Ex. Gatorade)
  • Wear protective sunglasses.
  • Take breaks and keep by a fan or A/C.
  • Wear breathable and lightweight clothing. (Cotton is a breathable material.)
  • Invest in DRI-FIT clothing that is sweat-wicking.
  • Bring a hat to protect your head and hair.
  • For those with hair that can get in the way, keep hair ties/elastics/claw clips/barrettes/bobbypins/headbands with you.
  • Wear sunscreen of at least 30 SPF to block harmful sun rays.
  • Bring bug spray as bugs flourish in the humid heat.
  • Apply a lightweight moisturizer to keep the skin healthy.
  • When going to a sandy area, bring towels and baby powder to keep the sand off your body.
  • For the car, if possible, park the car in a shaded area to avoid getting into a boiling hot car.
  • Also for the car, the hot weather can cause the engine to overheat, so it’s best to keep a container of coolant stored properly in the trunk or have a full water bottle for temporary coolant.
  • Sandals and flip-flops and crocs are a good choice for footwear to avoid the feet from sweating.
  • Wear shoes that can be taken off and put on easily.
  • For increased comfortability in sunny areas, such as the beach, bringing a beach and/or camping chair with an umbrella attached will keep the body cooler.
  • For cold water, stainless steel water bottles help keep the water and ice-cold, very refreshing.

As the days are longer and the nights are shorter, remember these steps to ensure a fun-filled, and well-prepped summer!