Homecoming Week: Behind the Scenes


The Homecoming Assembly

Isabelle Demers, Staff Writer

Homecoming is a tradition that goes back to the 20th century, and it’s still a tradition in most U.S. high schools today. Each school has their own homecoming traditions, and GHS is no exception. But there is a lot that goes into planning homecoming, including how everything is planned and organized, from spirit days to lunch games to the Friday assembly. This will go into a deep dive of what it takes to plan, organize, and make the student’s homecoming week experience the best it can be.

Senora McKinnon, advisor for homecoming committee, says that homecoming week will be the same as pre-Covid this year. There are always minor changes, but homecoming week always includes dress up days, promoting sports game attendance, a Friday assembly, class dances, class competitions, and a class flag. The Homecoming committee includes a student chair, a co-chair, and representatives from each class. They meet early in the morning once a week right up until homecoming to plan all of the elements of homecoming week. “This year’s committee has put a lot of work to make this week a fun opportunity for students to participate and to build community at GHS while engaging in a little friendly competition.” says Senora McKinnon.


Carly Gilman, freshman and member of the homecoming committee, says that she’s glad she got involved and encourages other freshmen to do the same. She states “I didn’t realize how much planning actually went into homecoming”. She remarked that planning is easier if there are more people involved, and you get to learn how it’s run. You might get a chance to be selected to help run the Friday assembly, vote on the dress up days, or run different lunch activities during the week.