Homecoming Returns After Hiatus


Seniors (from left to right) Holly Chamberlain, Molly Phillips-Morgrage, Arielle Korn, Lizzie Cheetham, and Caleigh Mullins before the assembly

Lizzie Cheetham, Staff Writer

Homecoming is back. After a two year hiatus the traditional homecoming assembly and class dances will return. The assembly will be during school on Friday October 21, 2022. According to GHS senior and student council member, Mikayla Keller, it will begin with the presentation of the flags that each class has been working on for the month prior. This is what hypes up the crowd. Next, there will be an alternating sequence of games and the class dances. The dances are exactly what they sound like. Groups of students from each grade create a mashup of songs and dance moves. The sign up for the games will be in Senora Mckinnon’s room the week before. There is even a chance there will be teacher involvement in some of the games. For all of the classes except the seniors, it will be their first real assembly. Mikayla suggests, “[The dances] will reintroduce school spirit.”

For each class there will be someone who is mixing the music for their class dance. For the senior class Arielle Korn, a member of student council, did the mixing of the music after a group had planned what songs would be in it. This year there is no theme for the music. Instead of a theme there are two challenges. The first challenge is to get audience participation. This can be in the form of chanting or movement. The second challenge is to include props in the dance.

Each grade will have their practices for the dances within the two weeks before the assembly. For seniors, the practices are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each grade will be working hard to make sure their dance is ready for the assembly. In order to win the competition the dance must include audience participation, props, and must be presented in an effective way. The judges will also dock points if you violate the rules. The rules include no flips, no inappropriate music or dance moves, and you must stay inside the boundaries of the dance floor.

There is definitely a feeling of excitement going around the school as homecoming gets closer. For many seniors, including Arielle Korn, this is reminiscent of freshman year. Arielle claims, “I’m so excited. I was the one who pushed to bring [the dances] back.” For other classes it might be weird at first but after this year things will start to return to normal again. Homecoming is coming up fast so don’t forget to buy your ticket for the dance on Saturday. This is where the winner of Homecoming will be announced!