Getting a Jump on College Courses


AP Lit Texts

Taina Hernandez-Sosa, Staff Writer

As the freshmen and sophomores continue to flourish academically throughout Goffstown High School, more students within these subgroups will begin to peak their interests and find themselves envisioning a future towards higher education. At GHS we offer an immense number of AP classes and Running start classes that consist of the opportunity to receive college credit and expose yourselves to what a college course will look like. Many of our juniors and seniors have already taken up this challenge.

Vivi Dubrulle, a senior at Goffstown High School, has a few things to say to the incoming upperclassmen. When asked “Have you ever taken any AP or Running start courses? If so, what courses?”, she began to explain that she has taken AP Language and Composition and AP US History her junior year, and AP Literature and Composition her senior year. It began to seem clear Dubrulle intended to take on an academically challenging course load, leading to an arising question on “Why did you begin to start taking these classes?“ Dubrulle explained that she wanted college credits and that these are subjects that piqued her interest, and that she believed she would perform well in. This is particularly informative because not only can students receive college credits early on in their education, they can also choose subjects that show significance to them personally. It is clear there is a large amount of information to learn during college courses, which led to a pivotal question “What have you learned from these courses, academically and personally?“ Dubrulle expressed that she learned how to become a better writer and aspiring historian and that she also learned how to manage her workload significantly better. 

During a rigorous and challenging course load, maintaining good study habits and academic performance is essential to thrive within your academic career. Due to peer curiosity, when asked “Has your academic performance, and studying habits increased throughout your enrollment?“ Dubrulle illustrates that as she continues to flourish within higher level courses, she understands what is expected of her and that procrastination is absolutely not a smart option. She continues to explain that her academic performance increased as her study habits improved. When also asked “What sort of courses would you recommend to other students? “ Dubrulle says that she recommends AP classes that pique your personal interest, and if you plan to go to college they will be particularly helpful regarding your field of interest. Many students may wonder “ What is expected of you within these courses?“, Vivi reveals that an expectation is to do her work on time, remain engaged during lectures, really learn and absorb the material, and be sure to take notes on the material given. 

Many students may envision college within their future, and when asked “ Are you planning to go to college next year? If so, How will these courses benefit you?“ Vivi makes it known that she is one of these students. She says that she does plan on going to college next year and that these courses will allow her to go into college with an experienced level of writing, and less financial stress. She explains that these courses will allow her to receive the college credits she needs that will also save her money. It is prevalent that Vivi Dubrulle has flourished tremendously within her academics and has learned a lot from the AP classes she has taken over the past two years. When asked “Would you recommend other people to challenge themselves with these courses, throughout high school?“ Dubrulle says that she strongly recommends that people who are interested in the AP classes the college board offers to take upon this challenge, especially those who plan to continue their education after high school. Finally, Dubrulle personally says to every individual who has made their decision to challenge themselves, “Do not stress yourself out, manage your time, don’t procrastinate, and put your all into it.“