Goffstown’s Fall Sports Highlights

GHS teams that made playoffs and regular season success


Arianna Girzone, Staff Writer

Goffstown High School’s fall sports teams had a great deal of success during their 2022 season. Six out of nine teams qualified for playoffs/states (whether it be individual qualification or team qualification). All the teams worked hard throughout the season and look to have even more successful seasons in 2023 by putting in time in the off-season.


Field Hockey

Goffstown’s field hockey team (coached by Jessica Brown) went into playoffs as the 12th/20 seed in division II. They finished the season with a 6 win-8 lose-1 tie record. “We knew we were going to be young. We graduated a big senior class last year, but we have skill,” says Jess Brown when asked about the season. “We had a lot of sophomores and juniors making big contributions.” The team’s success increased as the season went on. Coach Brown says that to improve for next year, the team needs to “take where we left off at the end of the season and have that be where we start next season… we had a lot of growth (in) our last game. I thought we looked incredible.” The team’s future is bright with the graduation of only three seniors and the bulk of the team returning. When asked what next fall brings for the program, Coach Brown says that “it looks strong. We’ve got a lot of skill that will be at the junior and senior level.” There’s plenty to look forward to for the Goffstown field hockey future.


Girl’s Soccer

Goffstown’s girls soccer team (coached by Nick D’Agostino) had a strong regular season, going into playoffs as the 10th/22 seed in Division I. They finished the regular season with a winning record of 8 wins-7 loses- and 1 tie. The girl’s motto for the season was #GoffstownOnTheRise and they certainly followed that (considering they only had 4 wins in their 2021 season). “Everyone wants instant success, but it takes a lot of work to get to the top. I do think we’re starting to climb the ladder” says Coach Nick about the season. “The passion for the game is growing and the competition is getting better within the entire program.” The team spent the summer working hard at JV Coach Hueslin’s (Scoot’s) summer conditioning program. “The biggest focus to improve on is out-of-season development. If we work hard this off season, learn from our mistakes, and physically/mentally prepare our bodies for the season, we will put ourselves in a position to have one of the best seasons in Goffstown Girl’s soccer history” says Coach Nick with excitement. With the girls coming off a successful season, they’re all ready for an even better one starting next June. “The future is bright for this program” says Coach Nick. “Everyone is starting to buy in and realize how enjoyable it is to be competitive at the highest level.”



The golf team (coached by Ryan Cowette) had strong individual performances throughout the year in division II. They finished seed 9th/15 which did not earn them a spot in playoffs, but senior Josh Peterson and sophomores Ryan Dutton and Olivia Georgantous did qualify for the individual state tournaments. In the men’s tournament, Peterson finished 6th/70 people and Dutton finished 36th/70 people. In the women’s tournament, Georgantous finished 11th/22 people. “I think the season went very well,” says Coach Cowette. “All members of the team got better from the beginning of the season until the end.” Coach hopes that the players will take time to practice in the offseason in preparation for the upcoming fall. “The more the players practice and work on their skills, the better we’ll be by the time next season rolls around. They can benefit by playing in junior golf tournaments in the area next summer.” The golf team hopes to qualify for the team playoffs next season. When asked about next season, Coach Cowette says, “I think whoever comes back in the fall of 2023 will have a good experience learning about the game of golf and hopefully continues to improve.”


Fall Spirit

The fall spirit/cheerleading team (coached by Marissa Charest) finished strong at the state competition for their 2022 season. “We placed 3rd in the state for division II, narrow(ly) missing 2nd by 0.1 of a point” says Coach Charest on the NHIAA (New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association) competition hosted at Pinkerton Academy. The fall spirit team cheers for all the Goffstown High School football games in addition to attending several competitions throughout the fall. “We started the fall competition season by attending the Fall Spirit Invitational in October where we placed first. We worked hard and placed 3rd at our next two competitions” explains Coach Charest. When asked about next season, Coach Charest says she is excited for next fall. “We have a great team of athletes and coaches and I am excited to welcome some new athletes to the team. One thing that we will do to help prepare for next year is we are going to hold cheer clinics to help develop skills. These tumbling and stunting clinics will help to keep athletes in shape and prepared for the fall season.” Most of the athletes that participated in fall spirit will continue to cheer during winter spirit. But as for the next fall spirit season, Coach Charest says it looks promising. “We have a great group of athletes that are motivated to work hard and I have faith that they will do very well as a team next year.”


Cross Country

The cross country team (coached by Matt Chadbourne) competed in division II during the 2022 season and finished the season as the 8th/20 seed. “We did much better than anticipated,” says Coach Chadbourne. “Over the last 7 years, we haven’t been very competitive in Cross Country but we’ve been slowly building, getting more experience, and this year we have a great group of kids.” To prepare for next season, Coach Chadbourne hopes that his athletes will put in the extra time in the off-season. “Cross country is all about putting time in over the summer to train and put in the miles; a good group of kids did that this year but we need more of the group doing it.” The upcoming fall season will be better than this year with the aging group according to Coach Chadbourne. “The goal is to try to make it to the meet of champions which is where all the divisions kind of compete against each other.” With high goals for the 2023 season, the cross country team looks to work hard in the off season to compete at a higher level for next year. 


Girl’s Volleyball

The girl’s volleyball team at Goffstown (coached by Josh Ambrosino) ended the regular season with a record of 10 wins- 8 loses- 0 ties, earning them the 11th /20 seed in division I. Reanna Tremblay, one of three senior captains (the other two being Annie Kelly and Sophie Perron) says that she thought as a whole, the season went very well. “In past years we struggled to work as a team and really work together. But this season when there was a problem, we faced it head on to get done what we needed to get done.” The team only graduates 4 seniors this year so next year looks promising for the program. “ I think next year the girls have a good foot forward considering so many of them play for club teams. They also have so many committed players who are willing to work hard to get them into a winning streak.” says Tremblay about the 2023 season. With the new year coming up shortly, the girls get closer and closer to summer pre-preseason.