The Freshman Experience

Inside Scoop on Friends, Work, and Experiences


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Avery Skora, Staff Writer

At Goffstown High School, Freshman Year is a big deal for many students.  A new school, new teachers, more freedom and experiences.  Students can have a variety of feelings.  Scared, excited, maybe even eager.  Addeson Dolbec, a freshman, says she was, “nervous and afraid no one would like [her].”  Paige Winters, also a freshman, says, “I felt nervous, and scared upperclassmen would spit on me,”, but at the same time, “it felt like a new chapter in my life.”

The first few days may feel overwhelming, especially when the work starts coming in.  The students have many different opinions.  Winters says, “It’s not that bad. The middle school teachers make it sound worse than it is- just become organized and develop habits like doing your homework the night before and balance,”  but on the other side, Dolbec says, “it’s too much work,”  as in the classwork as well as the homework combined.  An anonymous source says, “it’s not awful, I think it is an appropriate amount for high school, sometimes I even feel underwhelmed.”

Picking classes for freshmen is a big deal because what you pick could determine your future interests.  From Honors or AP, to electives like culinary or dance.  Winters and Dolbec both say that their electives are their favorite classes.  Winters says, “I like art because I can talk with friends, it’s laid back, and the teacher is very nice.”  When asking Dolbec what her favorite elective is, she responds with, “Definitely Photography because it’s laid back.”  But others like some of their main classes.  An anonymous source says, “my favorite class is English Honors because my teacher is very nice and supportive of her students.  She understands students need to get their work done, but also have a life outside of school.”

Overall,  most of the freshmen said they have had more freedom, more class options, and felt like it was a stepping stone in their lives.