Tea Taster


Kaitlyn Starry, Staff Writer

I have reviewed various types of tea as a committed tea drinker and have reviewed the top five teas most people want to try out. Oolong, green, jasmine, earl grey, and chamomile teas. I will be judging them on bitterness, smell, and taste.

For my first tea, I tried 8oz of Kings Oolong Tea, a reasonably expensive drink packaged in a box containing a plastic bag that carries the tea. It has a light fragrant aroma that smells fruity and a bit bitter. After heating the water and pouring it into a cup, I let the tea steep (sit in the tea) for approximately 3-5 minutes. Tasting the first sips, the drinker tastes the short bitter taste of the leaves but is then accompanied by a calming sweet drink. After drinking the tea, your mouth may feel a cool minty sensation that starts with your tongue and leaves you wanting more.

The tea I tried next an hour after the consumption of the oolong was Uncle Lee’s green tea. The packaging for this tea came in a rectangular box with a green base colour containing 100 tea bags. I then boiled my water again and put 7oz in the cup and then the tea bag. After letting it steep for around 10 minutes I then took out the tea bag as the soft grassy fresh smell had formed near the water. The tea is a bit bitter but very soft and light. The liquid closer to the bottom of the drink was more bitter than the liquid at the top. It had a timid taste compared to the oolong and would be a good tea for beginners who don’t like the bitter taste of black tea.

After the green tea, I had then boiled some water and put a good serving of Au Jasmine tea into my cup. I let it sit for around 3 minutes but I recommend a lower time for hotter water or else you will get a more bitter taste. The smell was sweet and had a pleasant hint of the jasmine flower in it. It had a light brown-green colour that consisted of smaller tea leaf particles at the bottom of the cup with were more bitter, the jasmine tea was a lot more bitter than the green tea and oolong.

An hour and a half later I had then boiled 8oz of water and poured it into a cup then put a tea bag of Bigelow earl grey tea into the water. The tea had turned the water a reddish-orange, but it lacked a distinct aroma. The taste on the other hand is very light and fresh but some people say it has a bitter taste. This is the least bitter tea out of the teas I have tried up until this point. It is quite pleasant and does not overflow your mouth with the rough bitter taste. The tea also has a hint of burgundy, the taste which becomes a strong taste without bitterness.

The last tea I tried was chamomile. I boiled 7 oz of water, and as soon as I put the tea in the water the strong smell of flowers hit my nose. Chamomile tea has a strong smell of flowers as it is a big ingredient in the tea. The water had turned a warm yellow colour and had little to no tea particles at the bottom. When drinking the tea though, there was not much flavour to anything. The taste it could’ve given off would be floral and light but it depends on the steep time. It was not bitter at all but then again there was no taste.

In conclusion, all teas were good but some had stronger tastes like the oolong tea and the green tea. While other teas were more bitter like the jasmine tea and the green tea, they all tasted good and had great health benefits like preventing cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Some teas I’d like to try in the future would be hibiscus tea or matcha tea, I would also like to steep some of the teas for longer.