Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery


Lizzie Cheetham, Staff Writer

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is the return of the character Benoit Blanc, the Southern detective who made his debut in Knives Out (2019). Glass Onion was released November 23, 2022 in theaters but it got increased attention when Netflix released it a month later on December 23, 2022. Everyone on the internet is talking about the Glass Onion, so is it worth the watch?

Shockingly enough Glass Onion is set during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Choosing to have the mystery take place during a period of time that was so recent was definitely a risk but it adds a whole new layer to the plot of the movie. The movie begins by introducing the main characters, Claire Debella, Lionel Toussaint, Detective Benoit Blanc, Birdie Jay and her assistant Peg, Duke Cody, Whiskey, Andi Brand, and Miles Bron. Each one is some sort of well known or talented figure who is good friends with Miles Bron. Miles is known for his successful business, Alpha, that he built with the help of Andi Brand until they ultimately had a falling out. When they each receive a big, mysterious box from Miles they’re not surprised at all as he is known for being somewhat eccentric. They’ve all been invited to help solve the staged murder of Miles himself. Without giving too much away, I can say that his plan for a fun-filled weekend with his friends doesn’t exactly go as planned. Funnily enough, the movie even features the popular game, Among Us and there are several other pop culture references including Lana Del Ray’s infamous mesh mask. The irony that pops up is hilarious and works to keep the audience guessing.

Overall, Glass Onion is an action packed and delightfully funny movie with many twists. For fans of Knives Out, the movie may come as a disappointment, but for those who aren’t it is a fun and entertaining mystery with interesting characters. Even though it may not be the best movie, it’s so crazy it keeps you captivated. The name “Glass Onion” is perfectly fitting for there are many layers to peel back while watching and if you watch closely enough maybe you’ll even be able to solve the mystery yourself.