Hometown Restaurant Tour

A review of restaurants in New Boston


Arianna Girzone, Staff Writer

Looking for a restaurant in New Boston? There may only be a few options but they’re all delicious with friendly service!


Molly’s Tavern And Restaurant

Molly’s Tavern and Restaurant is the most popular sit-down dining option in New Boston. With separate bar and restaurant venues, it is a very popular place on the weekends. The casual atmosphere attracts visitors from New Boston itself and all of its neighboring towns. Aside from the antique, rustic feel inside the Tavern, and the delicious food, the wait staff is what sets the experience apart from others in the area. The bar gives an option for adults to enjoy a kid-free night after 8 pm. The food does take a while to come out of the kitchen, but the wait is worthwhile. With outdoor seating, backyard games behind the restaurants, and live music on the weekends, Molly’s is a great option for any outing in the area. Molly’s Tavern and Restaurant is located on 35 Mont Vernon Road.


Northeast Cafe

The Northeast Cafe is a breakfast and lunch option right on the Piscataquag River. The small, quaint restaurant is your typical small town, family run coffee, breakfast, and lunch shop. Inside, there’s a very cozy, homey feel with wood flooring, eight or so small tables, and a chalk board with messages written on it. Outside on the deck, there are two tables overlooking the river. The staff is always very friendly, and the food is always delightful, especially the pancakes. If you want the small-town morning dining experience Wednesday-Sunday, visit the Northeast Cafe on 8 Mill Street.


New Boston Pizza

New Boston Pizza, previously known as Pizza Video, is a perfect takeout option for those who want pizza, subs, chicken tenders, salad, or other lunch and dinner items. If you’re looking to dine in, the restaurant area is also a viable option with many seats and tables available. Another thing that makes this place unique is the play area for kids. Having young ones can be tough while trying to eat out, so the kid section of the dining area can be very useful to parents trying to enjoy a meal. The local pizza place provides many jobs for high schoolers looking to be employed. New Boston Pizza is located on 81 Mont Vernon Road. 


Dodge’s Country Store

Dodge’s Country store is no doubt the most visited place in New Boston. Although it may be a convenience store and not a sit-down restaurant, the store features a very tasty deli. The subs are always a great option for a quick lunch outside the house, or for those just passing through town. The deli is located towards the back of the store and to the left. Dodges is located in the very center of town on 7 Central Square.


Riverside Grille

The Riverside Grille, located on 737 River Road, is a new restaurant scheduled to open soon. Previously, the building where the new restaurant is being installed has been several restaurants, some including The Shipwreck, La Cabana Mexican Grill, Sliders and The Chef. Looking forward to the new dining option located at 737 River Road.