The Potential of Speedwalking at Goffstown High School

Helena Bentas, Editor in Chief

Goffstown High School’s Track and Field program has plenty of events and activities to participate in, including javelin and discus. These various events, either held on the track itself, or on the field the track surrounds, are incredibly competitive, but rewarding. The athletic department is a substantial, if not, incredibly influential authority on what events are performed. However, there is one sport, that is even included in the Olympics that is not considered as an event for Goffstown High School. Speedwalking.

Vivien Dubrulle is a senior at Goffstown High School. She is passionate about many things, including geese, but none is she more enthusiastic about than speedwalking. She is an active member of the Spring Track and Field team, when she isn’t participating as one of the lead captains for the school swim team. She is very animated about the sport of speedwalking. When her love for track and field grew, so too did her love for speedwalking. It enables her to feel free, whimsy even, to let all her worries fade away. Although she isn’t just passionate about it, she is also decently successful at. She has previously beaten a majority of her classmates in her Probability and Statistics class at the speedwalking event, which most everyone took a great enjoyment in watching. Whether participating or spectating, watching others speed walk proves to be entertaining.

Though her background is specific to javelin in Track and Field, Vivi believes that if given the chance, she could be a great example for leadership of a potential speedwalking club she has proposed. In actuality, before speedwalking can become an event in track and field for GHS, it must first be active in the school community as a club. Second, it may be considered as being incorporated into training for the Track and Field team. Finally, becoming an event once approved by the school, as well as the athletic department.

The potential club, Vivi says, will be incredibly welcoming of beginners. “Speedwalking is for everyone, not just specific to those with an athletic background.” It has a potential to be enjoyable for all those who may participate. Practices would be held indoors, for easier accessibility and less worries about current weather conditions. It is also a great opportunity for athletes to keep moving in the off-season. Unless considered for a track and field event, the club wouldn’t be competitive. Most likely the club would aim to project the same optimism and positivity its potential leader, Vivi Dubrulle projects herself.