Future Focused Fridays

Future-prepping presentations at Goffstown High School


GHS Information Center where Future Focused Fridays will be held

Arianna Girzone, Staff Writer

Starting on January 13th, Goffstown High School will be holding “Future Focused Fridays” in the Information Center and is open to all students in attendance at GHS. These presentations will go from 11:50 am to 12:20 pm, during students’ lunch period. Presentations will be held four different Fridays in the months of January and February, each with a different purpose.

January 13th will be all about MCC-HVAC-Early College. Manchester Community College (MCC) is offering two free HVAC-101 classes to all students at Goffstown High School over the age of 16. These classes give students the opportunity to earn 1 high school elective credit and 3 college credits. The classes will teach all that take them about a career as a climate control technician and what it entails. Attending this presentation will be beneficial to all high schoolers who are interested in a career in HVAC.

February 3rd talks about a few different topics, with the main goal of teaching students about earning college credits in high school. CCSNH-Early College, E-Start, and Running Start are all great options to get a head start on your college journey. CCSNH-Early College is offered at Manchester Community College, E-Start is offered online, and Running Start is offered at Goffstown High School. Attending this presentation can teach students about the different paths to taking college courses early and which path may be right for each student.

February 10th’s main focus is Apprenticeship NH. Apprenticeship NH offers students the opportunity to “earn while you learn”. Careers in manufacturing, healthcare, construction, infrastructure, hospitality, business, finance, automotive technology, and computer technology are all in great need of trained workers. Apprenticeship NH gives students that have aspirations of taking up one of those careers an affordable choice for training. Attending this presentation can be useful for those students.

February 17th gives information about MST. Manchester School of Technology (MST) is another option to earn college credits before high school graduation. MST offers two, and three year programs to sophomores and juniors that have interests in exploring careers such as automotive technology, business, education, cosmetology, culinary, and many more. To learn about these options and the others they offer, attend this presentation.

These “Future-Focused Fridays” can help students with not only starting the college process, but also with starting a career. For many, the programs talked about during Future-Focused Fridays can truly be life changing. Attending these presentations and getting a better understanding about the topics they teach can only benefit students.