What’s the Best Caffeinated Sparkling Ice Flavor?


Isabelle Demers, Staff Writer

If you are like most of the students at GHS, you probably have to wake up at 6 a.m. or earlier to be able to get ready for school on time. In order to stay awake during class, a lot of students buy caffeinated sparkling ice drinks from the school vending machines to stay awake throughout the day. But which one of these three drinks is the best?

This first one that is usually everyone’s favorite is blue raspberry. But I personally believe it’s overrated. I think the whole concept of blue raspberry doesn’t make sense. The only reason that it’s blue raspberry is because there were just too many red and pink drinks and they all looked too similar. Blue raspberry isn’t the worst sparkling ice flavor, but it’s overrated.

Next is cherry vanilla. People usually seem to either love this or hate it, with no in-between. You could argue that it tastes like cough medicine and it’s by far the worst ice flavor. On the other hand, cherry vanilla could also be one of the best ones because the vanilla compliments the cherry and eliminates the medicinal taste that artificial cherry is usually associated with.

Finally, orange passion fruit is one of the most underrated flavors in my opinion. People usually go for blue raspberry, or even cherry vanilla as their go-to. However, orange passion fruit is a lot more original than cherry or blue raspberry, and it overall tastes better than the other two in my opinion and is one of the best flavors by far.