A Dancer and Titleholder

Miss Portsmouth’s Outstanding Teen, Avery Chick


Avery Chick in her sash and crown!

Avery Skora, Staff Writer

The Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen program is an incredible organization that helps get young girls ready and out into the real world.  From interviewing, onstage questions, the sisterhood, volunteering, the list goes on, these girls get experiences like no other.  This year, 26 contestants who have won local competitions will be vying for the title of Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen in February while they show off their talents (the highest scoring section of competition).  Many are dancers, including Miss Portsmouth’s Outstanding Teen, Avery Chick.

Avery Chick is a dancer, and titleholder, which makes for a very busy schedule.  “I balance both of these things by not putting too much volunteering work or dance at a time”, Chick says.  She makes sure she doesn’t overlap these two things and keeps them separate for a calmer schedule.

Avery is a hardworking and dedicated dancer.  She dances for the LRD competition team and attends multiple classes as well.  She says, “My favorite style is jazz” and “being able to express my sassiness through my solo” is her favorite part.

While dance is very important to her, so is being a part of the Miss New Hampshire class of 2023!  “Being a titleholder is such an opportunity you would not want to ever give up”, she explains, “My favorite part about being a titleholder is all of the best friends you make and becoming so close to all the girls in your class”.  Being Miss Portsmouth’s Outstanding Teen has been an honor and such an amazing experience for her.

Avery Chick is such a hardworking individual and her dedication is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed!