MoDaCo Midterm


Avery Skora, Staff Writer

Midterms can be stressful for anyone, but in MoDaCo, (Movement and Dance Company) the stress of performing on stage for the midterm can seem overwhelming. However, the dance teacher, Mrs. Burstein makes sure it’s a calm environment and everyone is comfortable with their dances.

This year’s midterm was choreography to a dance called “Steam Heat ” performed with hats.  It is an older style dance with many unique moves such as hat tricks and a variety of floorwork known as Fosse style (named after choreographer Bob Fosse).

This was a new style for many of the students. The moves are jazzy and spunky which hooks the audience. In other words, the unusual moves draw them in.

Students were divided into groups of three to four people.  Each group dances one at a time as Mrs. B observes each dancer and gives them a grade on their ability to comprehend and perform the choreography.

It is easy to say each and every dancer tried their hardest on this midterm and it really showed through their performance.