Brody’s Ghost: A Review


Hannah Crowell, Writer/ Comic Artist

Three summers ago, Mark Crilley finally finished his series and published the final book of Brody’s Ghost.  Crilley spent around 9 years working on this 6-volume series.  He has created other series such as Miki Falls and Akiko which his fans have taken quite a liking to.  Each book of Brody’s Ghost is about 200 pages long; some pages are solely dedicated to amazing art of the dystopian land of the future.   

In this thrilling American manga, Crilley shows us the life of Brody, a man who has had a pretty dull life thus far.  He encounters a ghost, Talia, who twists his life for what seems like the worst.  A murder mystery and training with ghosts has now become Brody’s “normal.”  His personal efforts in the book are to settle things with his ex, Nicole while also trying to balance his double life in training.  Brody’s new power of visions help him find a way to solve the murder Talia wants him to figure out so badly; if Brody isn’t quick, this vision will result in the loss of a life.

Crilley has amazing tactics in his writing style and the way he portrays the art in his book.  He seems to have a perfect flow in his story, not one page missing a beat.  All in all, Brody’s Ghost was a very entertaining book– a must read for aspiring comic writers.  I would rate this series a five out of five– I may be biased, but I honestly loved the books.  Crilley has a way of making every second of his readings entertaining.  If you tend to love mystery/action books, Brody’s Ghost should be your next read.