Special Olympics


Heather McGlauflin, Staff Writer

Special Olympics is an international competition based on the games in the Olympics where physically and mentally handicapped people have the opportunity to compete in a variety of events. Although the games may be competitive, that doesn’t stop the participants from having fun. The volunteers and the athletes have more fun than ever in practices and in the official competition. I would know- because this fall I volunteered for the Team Uncanoonuc Bowling Special Olympics.

After practicing for about a month and a half twice a week, the team was ready for the ride to Concord, New Hampshire for the final tournament against other teams. Everyone was so excited to compete in this year’s tournament. With smiles on their faces, the teams began to bowl! The sounds of cheers for each athlete filled the room with joy. No matter what team you were from, you were there to cheer on everyone. It was a successful season, with many medals and happy smiles.


There are different sports for each season of the year. In fall, there’s bowling- which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. In the winter, team U offers basketball to its athletes. But there is also the Special Olympics dip and plunge as a fundraiser for any brave soul willing to jump into the cold winter water. In the spring and summer, they begin to work with track and field sports but also aquatic sports. This group provides a fun and enjoyable experience to anyone who wishes to volunteer or participate.

To learn more about this amazing volunteering opportunity you can go to- http://www.sonh.org/default.aspx