JVX Volleyball Takes Second Place


JVX Girls Volleyball Team

The GHS Girls JVX Volleyball team won second place in the state on Saturday, October 22nd at Salem High School.  The team lost the championship game to Bishop Guertin, the Catholic school which is located in Nashua, New Hampshire.

The three sophomores on the JVX team, Anna Gendron, Kaylin Abood, Lex Welbourne, made saves for the team.  They helped the team stay in the game.  Rylee Cate, and May Avila, also had some hits, which kept the team in the game.

The cheering audience kept the motivation and confidence of the players up.  The Goffstown team won against Bishop Guertin during the pool, but they lost at the final championship game.

Anna, a sophomore on the team said, “With nothing but hard work and determination we came together as a team to acheive our goal.”