Why It Shouldn’t Be a Thing

Natalie Lapointe, Staff Writer

People throughout the country and even the community are titled as “homophobic,” but what, exactly, does “homophobic” mean? The definition of homophobia is the dislike or prejudice against homosexual people. Many people feel as though homosexual people should not have the same rights as heterosexual people.

A large majority of these people are teens in high schools. The Exceeding Expectations program, sponsored by the LGBT Foundation, carried out research in Manchester, England schools showing that over half of the students had witnessed homophobic events occur in school. According to this research, 58% of students feel as though their school is not a safe place for them to come out and publicize their status. This is a considerable problem in the LGBT+ teens’ community. Holding in their feelings and feeling as though they don’t belong can trigger depression, anxiety and other mental and social problems.

Homophobia is a significant problem at many high schools. Being a part of the LGBT+ community, I have many friends who have been victims of homophobic actions. A sophomore friend has been the victim of many offensive slurs. These offensive slurs included, “tranny,” “faggot,” “transvestite,” “fag,” and “fagzilla.” Many people do not find that they are being offensive; however, they are the people harming others and not the ones being harmed by these hateful words.

A possible solution to this problem would be that homophobic people need to let go of their feelings toward LGBT+ people, and let them live in the way they want to live. They can do this exercising tolerance and allowing the LGBT+ community to live the way they want to live. We are all different and we all don’t agree, so by letting go of hateful feelings and letting people be, people in the LGBT+ community won’t have to live in fear of being hurt. This will help students feel like they belong in society, and that they have a purpose in this society as a whole.