Cat Roams the Halls


Kyleigh Cooley, Contributing Writer

After a long weekend in the beginning of October, Goffstown High School students and faculty came back to the announcement of a cat roaming the halls at GHS. The cat had been setting off the alarms. Nobody is certain exactly how the cat got inside the school, but it has been suggested maybe a door was left open, giving the cat the opportunity to sneak in. “I saw one of the boys come through the back door and they did not bother to close it,” Kaelyn Hebert said.

The cat was caught on the school cameras zipping around the halls and lobbies. Students and teachers were notified to keep an eye out for the cat on the run.

After several days, the cat was found with a potato chip bag over her head in the school’s gymnasium and was later put in a cat carrier until an owner could be found. “I saw the cat in the carrier on someone’s Snapchat story, so that’s how I knew that she had been caught,” Kaelyn Hebert said. Sadly, the cat’s home was never found and she was adopted. A worker for the maintenance crew at GHS adopted the cat after a few days had passed and she had not been claimed. The cat is now living a healthy, happy life with a new family.