Empower: Goffstown’s Favorite Women’s Drive!


Addam Guinesso, Editor

The bountiful Empower Women’s Drive, founded only in 2016, has once again begun at Goffstown High School. The Empower Club represents and supports the ever-changing lifestyles of women everywhere. The members in the club discuss and debate any and all women’s rights issues, and actively prove the strength in unity each year by commencing a drive for women’s goods. All points earned by participants and their classes go toward the Winter Carnival total. The drive will continue for the next two weeks. The weekday schedule is as follows: Maternity Monday, Tampon Tuesday, Dollar Wednesday, Toiletry Thursday, and First-Aid Friday. Announcements reminding all students of the drive will begin on Friday, February 3, 2017.

“This drive is really exciting to me because we get to help provide homeless women and children with supplies that are scarce to them.” says Sophia Harkins, an enthusiastic member of the Empower Group and a Goffstown Junior. “Homeless shelters only have so much money to buy soap, diapers, feminine products… it was heartwarming last year to see how many students actively participated in the drive, even just bringing a box of band-aids or a bottle of shampoo.”

Goffstown High School also participates in the Canned Food Drive and several other donation activities, but in-the-loop students agree there is something special about the Empower Drive. Harkins elaborates: “I would say that Empower affects the school environment very positively by bringing light to the inspirational women in our community and empowering both women and men to strive for gender equality.” With the help of important free organizations like Empower, hopes are high for a new generation of thoughtful and generous teenagers, who may continue the equal weighing of others’ value even through the evolution to adulthood.