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2017-2018 Staff

Cheyenne Zinnkosko


Cheyenne is a senior at GHS and this is her second year participating in the Paw Print Newspaper! Cheyenne is an avid reader and her hobbies include poetry, horror cinema and writing. Cheyenne aspires to be a neuroscientist or...

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Jac St. Jean

Staff Writer

Jac is a senior at GHS. He is well-known for his wrestling as a D2 State Champ, and an MOC Champ.  Jac wrestles year-round at Doughboy Wrestling Club in Lowell, Massachusetts. Aside from that, he enjoys school, most of the time,...

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Allyson Casey

Staff Writer

Allyson is a senior at Goffstown High School. In her free time, she likes to hangout with friends, travel and sleep.  Allyson hopes everyone enjoys her articles.

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Raegan Jacob

Staff Writer

Senior. Lover of crazy socks, Chaco sandals and cat shirts. Horrible driver. Enjoys making things with her hands outside. Is among the >1% of the world’s population that can make fire with their own two hands. Loves Ariz...

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Quinn Mattes

Staff Writer

Quinn is a senior at GHS and a first year contributor to the newspaper. A proud and self proclaimed nerd with hobbies in both table top and video gaming. He has experiences ranging from the theater and sound work to the football...

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Katelynn Biederman

Staff Writer

Katelynn is a senior at GHS and in her fourth year of newspaper. She enjoys music, writing, making art and videos with the most basic of programs. She plays the piano, the flute, and does around a hundred other hobbies. After...

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Heather McGlauflin

Staff Writer

Heather joined the Paw Print two years ago as a freshman.  As a 17 year old junior, she enjoys writing and has taken two Journalism classes.  She is an Honors student who enjoys dancing for her hip hop competition team in her...

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Dan Locke

Staff Writer

Dan Locke is in his junior year. He plays left guard for the football team. In the winter, he snowboards. He loves camping on the weekends with his friends.  He enjoys writing classes and social science classes.

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Kaeli Jutras

Staff Writer

Kaeli is a sophomore. She likes to sleep and eat. She likes animals and going outside. Kaeli is pretty boring.

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Morgan Bennett

Staff Writer

Morgan is a sophomore at Goffstown High School. She plays volleyball at GHS. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, sailing, and painting. Morgan also loves spending time with family and friends. Her dream career is to become a...

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Kelsey Gregorio

Staff Writer

Kelsey is a sophomore at GHS. She runs on the Indoor Track Team and on the Track and Field team at school. Kelsey is very outgoing which is an important skill to have when interviewing for the Paw Print. In the future, Kelsey...

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Aidan Leonard

Staff Writer

Aidan is a sophomore at Goffstown High School. He likes the outdoors, hiking and camping, and he also loves football and shooting. Aidan enjoys reading history or historical fiction. His favorite season is definitely fall.

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Rylee Cox

Staff Writer

Rylee is currently a junior at GHS. She likes spending time at her friends house or going out and playing in the mud with Jeeps and Chevy's. If she isn't at her house or her friends house, you can find her at her hard working...

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Elisha Langevin

Staff Writer

Elisha is a junior at Goffstown High School. She enjoys jewelry making, photography, tennis, and poetry writing.

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Zoe Zeballos

Staff Writer

Zoe is a junior who does productive things. Supposedly.

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Lydia von Schwanenfluegel

Staff Writer

Lydia Von Schwanenfluegel is a junior at GHS, and yes, she does know that her last name is very long; 18 letters, in fact. Lydia lives on a farm in Goffstown and enjoys  reading and working her oxen, Copernicus and Rawls. She...

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Maddy Charette

Staff Writer

Maddy is a freshman at GHS who loves writing, reading, working with special needs individuals, ASL (American Sign Language), and mostly spending time with her cousin, Tessa. She is excited to apply her skills in writing to the...

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Rebecca Biederman

Staff Writer

Rebecca is a freshman who enjoys being creative and thinking outside of the box or triangle. Rebecca spends her free time doing homework and playing tennis. She hopes to improve her spelling and grammar while writing for The Paw...

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Savannah Monfette

Staff Writer

Savannah is a senior at GHS and is happy to join the Paw Print. She’s an avid reader and enjoys tea, sunsets and long walks on the beach with her girlfriend. Savannah is a volunteer in the school library and works as a page...

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Emma Shanahan

Staff Writer

Emma is a junior at Goffstown High School. She has a twin sister who is her best friend. She loves her job at the Bedford Village Inn. She is also in Model Congress which channels her love for arguing into something she can put...

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Veronica Iredale Bio


Veronica is a freshman at GHS. She is very involved with the Music and Performing Arts Departments, and loves to perform and be onstage. Some of her hobbies include volunteering in the community, alpine skiing, and hiking. She...

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Jamie Setzler


Jamie is a freshman this year at Goffstown High. She loves all types of music (her favorites range from Sabrina Carpenter to The Beatles to Hamilton). She spends most of her time talking to her friends when not writing poems,...

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Sarah Mattison

staff adivisor

Sarah Mattison is a sophomore at Goffstown High school and is a goalie for the Field Hockey team. In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends and watching The Office. Sarah loves talking to anyone about anything.  Her...

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Anna Lendry

Staff Writer

Anna Lendry is a sophomore at Goffstown High School. She enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, and exploring new things. Anna is a cheerleader and also enjoys swimming & skiing. In her free time, she is usually...

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