Environmental Club


Hannah Crowell, Editor

Until recently, the Environmental club only had three members– all seniors– and in an effort to keep the club from dying, they held a bake sale earlier this year to promote it.  A singular member was gained from this sale.  

Activities are held-year round to promote eco-friendly happenings at GHS such as the Mother’s Day sale and Earth Day events.  Mr. Veilleux and Dr. Houghton organize these events annually and have been doing so for 8 years. The Mother’s day plant sale acts as a good fundraising tool; proceeds often go to buying bark mulch for the next upcoming Earth Day.  

On Earth Day each year, the Environmental club and Veilleux’s and Dr. H’s classes go out, rain or shine, picking up trash and placing down mulch.  The trees outside the front of the school are, “Prettied up” and given a doughnut shaped mulch bed.  This doughnut shape helps water get to the base of the tree easier, rather than having it be trapped by the mulch.  Brown mulch is the go-to for Earth Day because it is the only mulch without nasty chemicals.  Although red mulch is much more desirable to the eye, it is worse for the plants.


For the Mother’s Day sale, students grow plants in room 111 in their Earth Science classes.  They take trips out to the garden and learn how to make compost, and care for the plants.  

Efficiency is what Environmental club is promoting, economical and environmental efficiency.  Currently they are working on a project to replace all of the lights in the school with LED’s.  LED lights are way less in cost than fluorescents– coming in at about $8, whereas fluorescents come in at about three to five more dollars.  

Come support Environmental Club at upcoming bake sales and events!  Or, simply just be kind to the Earth; recycle your daily Dunkin’s cup or pick up litter.  Every little bit helps.