Arguing is Fun

Model Congress


Members debate a bill

Kaeli Jutras, Staff Writer

Model Congress is a debate club sponsored by history teacher Timothy Westphal. If you like to argue, according to Mr. Westphal, then this is the club for you.

Held in room 213, right after school. Model Congress is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The club is run by Mr. Westphal. Mr. Westphal is a history teacher here at GHS. Meeting agendas contain the opportunity to choose a law, state your opinion about it and argue with those who don’t share the same opinion.

No application needed, just show up. Mr. Westphal encourages students to give the club a try on a trial basis. Members take a field trip to Yale. Get the opportunity to participate in Yale Model Congress. Debate with new people. “You argue with your parents, why not argue with us”, asks Senator.

Express your opinions and discuss politics. Mr. Westphal states that model congress will help you learn how the government works in a fun way. Model Congress is the only club at GHS that fulfills all of the mission statement learning expectations. Membership looks great on resumes.