Homecoming Lunch Activities


Students Playing Kan Jam

Kaeli Jutras, Staff Writer

During homecoming week there are activities for students during lunches. This year the activities included musical chairs, freeze tag, apple bobbing, and Kan Jam. Musical chairs was on Monday in the cafe. On Tuesday, students could play freeze tag in the gym. Apple bobbing was the activity on Wednesday; it was held outside. On Thursday students could play Kan Jam, either in the gym or outside. Kan Jam consists of four players with two teams of two. Two people from separate teams on each side. A goal on each side. One player, the thrower, throws the frisbee, while their teammate, the deflector, tries to hit it into the goal. When the deflector redirects the frisbee and hits the goal, one point is gained. If the thrower hits the goal without any help, their team gets two points. If the deflector is able to hit the frisbee into the goal, three points go towards their team. It is an instant win if the thrower is able to get the frisbee into the slot in the side of the goal.