You and I

You and I

Side by side, I try talking to you

I look, I see all that is you

A vessel of experiences

And harsh emotions


Why are you so sad?


I continue to look, to talk

To try

But nothing I say or do

Can penetrate your walls

Of grief and anger

Inducing isolation


What can I do?


And I talk

For hours upon hours

Until my breath catches in my throat

The words piercing my insides

Poking and prodding

Trying to break free

But they can’t


Why can’t I move?


The word stick and stick

Not getting through to you,

A silent and emotionless

Mirror of myself

My eyes a void

My mouth sewed shut

Sealed from the world


Are you Me?


But so honest in my mind

Emotionless, but angry

Your words hurt me

The verbal abuse, the torture

Like needles in my brain


Am I You?


You finally speak,

Your armor slowly decaying,

Unraveling itself

Revealing a vulnerable


We look at each other

Gazing, wandering


Are you here?


My weary, torn eyes

Devoid of hope

Full of restlessness

Yet you stand there

Smiling, starting anew


Must you break me down so?


I yell

I yell

I yell.

But the words stay silent

And you’re already gone

But I smile for once,

Knowing this


Because in actuality,


I’m just talking to myself.