An Inside Look at Abby Poisson’s Life


Abby volunteering in Nicaragua

Raegan Jacob, Staff Writer

Abby Poisson is a senior here at GHS and she is extremely involved with clubs, sports and school classes. Although she loves the community here in Goffstown, she has big dreams for her future. When asked about her plans for college she said, “I would like to study global studies and healthcare; I think there is a lot to be done to help further the development of underdeveloped nations and that is important work to me.” Abby has expressed an interest in the Peace Corps, by helping third-world countries. Her top school, Saint Michael’s College in Vermont, has a Peace Corps program that she has shown interest in. Abby has a passion for helping people as best as she possibly can, “we’re all human beings, despite our differences.”

Abby plays on the Varsity Volleyball team here at GHS, and she is a right side hitter. She said the record doesn’t reflect the heart, soul and passion for play of the volleyball girls. She also added that, “No matter the record, they’re my family.” Wearing the number four, she enjoyed the senior night festivities, celebrating the six years she had been playing.

Since Abby spends a lot of time focused in school, she said that her favorite class is Great Decisions. When asked what she likes about it, she replied, “I am intrigued by what occurs around the world, so much of it that is not properly explored or done anything about.” Learning about the issues in the world has also fueled her passion for helping people.

Abby is excited to graduate this coming year, but is sad to leave the close-knit community here in Goffstown. When talking about Abby with several other peers, they all agreed that Abby will go on to do great things with a passion.

When talking with Abby, she told me she really only had one wish for herself, and that is to be happy. After thinking about her greatest hope, she said, “My greatest hope for myself is that I live a life I am proud of. That I can say I helped people and did what I could to leave the world better than how it was when I came into it.”