Flash Mob Dominates Homecoming Assembly


Kelsey Gregorio, Staff Writer

Screams permeate the gym and mobs of white, maroon, pink and black fill the bleachers and gym floor.  The air buzzes with excitement as students enjoy the Friday afternoon Homecoming festivities. As the assembly comes to a close, a flash mob breaks out.

MoDaCo, the Movement and Dance Company, has been planning this flash mob since the beginning of the school year. They decided to create a routine to the Justin Timberlake song “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. The flash mob idea began with Mr. Lavallee and Officer Pelletier causing a spectacle at lunch pretending to observe two MoDaCo members, Josh White and Charlie Keith, causing trouble. Many kids were confused at lunch because they did not know what was going on. The incident was then escalated at the assembly and culminated with the flash mob.

The dance begins as Josh and Charlie grab a microphone in the assembly and yell “HEY! Lavallee and Office Pelletier, we are so mad at you!” Then, Lavallee takes it back and says, “Then we’re gonna have to settle this with a battle. A dance battle!” Lavalle and Officer Pelletier then do a quick thirty second dance to a popular Pitbull song. Next, Josh calls out for reinforcements meaning the MoDaCo group who is ready to jump in and dance. MoDaCo proceeds with the flash mob dance and are joined by Ms. McFarland, Ms. Whitmore, Mrs. Pozin, Ms. Mahoney, Mrs. Russo, Mr. Pyszka,  Mr. Ward, Mrs. Gratton, and even Mrs. Philibotte herself! Students from life skills also joined in on the dancing. Additionally, the two classes, “MoDaCo Company Class” and “Introduction to Dance” were dancing alongside Goffstown High School alumni Emily Clickner, Addie Houle, Liz Byam, and other GHS alums.

Adam Zienkiewicz, a member of the dance company says, “the flash mob at the Homecoming Assembly was very fun. We were all excited to perform in front of the whole school and we just had fun with it.”