Relationships. Is Cheating the End of the World?

Relationships. Is Cheating the End of the World?

Rylee Cox, Staff Writer

Cheating, the act that will definitely ruin any relationship. It doesn’t matter if a couple has been together for 2 months or even 2 years, cheating still gets in the way of most relationships. Normal, average, everyday people do it as well as famous actors, actresses, singers, sports players, etc. In fact, Sandra Bullocks ex-husband (Jesse James) even said to Refinery29, that “in general, both women and men cheat…It’s part of life”. Is this what the world has come too? Everyone being so used to being cheated on?

Now, I am in a relationship. Have been for almost 2 months. But the thought of cheating has never crossed my mind. We both know that in past relationships we have been hurt. We have been lied to, our partners have acted two -faced, etc. But, I’m wondering how people today have come to the right idea that cheating with those kinds of pasts from people is okay?

I feel like most cheating comes from a point when people aren’t happy in their relationships. Instead of leaving, they stay and cheat. Some people stay because they are comfortable, some stay because they don’t want to hurt the other person. But, in the end who are you hurting? Don’t just say that person, because you hurt yourself to.

By cheating you not only hurt the person you once loved endlessly, you also hurt your own reputation. Once the word goes out that you’ve cheated, you have lost almost all respect from people and lost almost all your chances of finding someone to date.

The University of Chicago did a study and found out that 22% of married men have cheated once.While women have a total of 15%. Now according to the study, the definition of cheating was varied. But, the most common case of cheating was having sexual intercourse, or oral sex with a different partner. Now, it doesn’t have to just be sexual intentions. Some said even kissing or webcamming inappropriately counted as cheating.

Holly LaBarbera, a marriage and family therapist, once said “sometimes one partner meets someone with whom they fall in love. Sometimes one partner is unhappy themselves and a new relationship makes them feel alive and special in a way they haven’t felt in a long time. Sometimes cheating has nothing to do with the other partner.” She is trying to get the message across that because you’ve been cheated on, doesn’t mean that it’s your fault.

In my opinion, I think cheating is ridiculous. If you truly feel for this person, why hurt them? Why make them think that they did something wrong? Cheating not only makes people’s trust fade away, it makes you look like a giant jerk. Old, young, men, women, teenagers, everyone does it. This generation you have people hiding their phones to keep information away. You have people using the classic phrase of “i have to stay late for work tonight”, you have people keeping it for months, making it worse for their partner at the end.

Cheating needs to stop. I swear this is what creates the world’s trust problem. Everyone has at least been hurt once by cheating. And if you are one of the lucky ones that haven’t, congratulations. You are one of the many that have found someone good.