Colin Kaepernick and the U.S National Anthem Protests


Dan Locke, Staff Writer

Going into the 2016 NFL season, eyes were on the 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  Due his feelings of oppression and racism in this country, the 29 year old took a knee during the national anthem, sparking controversy and what seems to be a trend across the United States.  The 2016 through 2017 season was just the beginning, with a few players kneeling for the anthem.  But the beginning of the 2017 season brought chaos throughout the National Football League.  Players not only kneeled, but some refused to leave the safety of their locker room to respect our nation and those who fought for it.  These actions are not only disrespectful, but also pathetic and weak.

Our national anthem is played before every sporting event, and is a symbol of our nation and those who have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice so we can practice our rights as Americans.  Of course, one of the most well known rights is the Freedom of Speech which would protect the athletes from any sort of punishment for their actions, or so they would think.  Their job is to play football, and a person is held to a certain standard when at work, and they are expected to remain professional.  If someone at a normal office job walks in and yells a racial slur because “that’s what they believe in,” they’re going to be fired or punished in some way, not seen as a “hero” for their actions, like these athletes. I think Roger Goodell has given these players too much slack and should punish them for these protests.