Hot Toy of 2017: Fingerlings

Rebecca Biederman, Staff Writer

Every year new toys are released by top toy brand to make the top Holiday Toy List. 2016 Top Holiday Toy craze was Hatchimals, made by Spin Master, the cute robotic mythicals animals who’s market price was around $69.99, but tended to be sold at much higher prices. This years Top Holiday Toy craze is Fingerlings. Fingerlings, created by WowWee, are cute little creatures ranging from monkeys to unicorns that hang around your finger and make cute noises. Like Hatchimals, Fingerlings have been selling out quickly and your lucky if you can even get one for a reasonable price. The retail price is around $13.99, but Fingerlings have been selling on Amazon for more than $39.95.

In my opinion, I would wait to buy Fingerlings. Though it may be the must have item, you are most likely never going to find it until late January. To avoid the disappointment of children not being able to get the toy on Christmas morning, tell them that when they find one, you will but it. It will save the parent money, and the child might decide that they don’t want the 4 inch figure anymore because the craze has died down. Waiting may seem hard but in the end, the child gets the specific Fingerling they want, and the parents save time and money for the holiday season.