Back to Back Champs


The bowling team after winning the championship.

Sarah Mattison, Staff Writer

The bowling team was behind by three matches, in the best out of 7 style tournament, but not once did any player give up. The team had to win the fourth match or else it would all be over and they wouldn’t be able to accomplish their goal of being back to back Champions. But the team came around during the fourth match and soon won the 2018 Bowling Championship.

Bowling Coach, Keith Martin, began this team at Goffstown High school in hopes of inspiring students to participate in activities they love. Mr .Martin said “ bowling wasn’t a school sport when I was growing up and I always wanted to give students the opportunities I never had”.  But when he formed Goffstown’s first ever bowling team, he never dreamed of winning back to back championships.

Last year’s season the team had its largest amount of players to date, which included 13 seniors.  During the previous years championship, the team was ahead by three matches in the final round, but then lost the next three.  The team had to work together and make decisions on their own so they could bring home the trophy. Mr. Martin said a few years ago he stopped making decisions for the team, and instead he allows the players to make all the decisions. He also chose to have no team captains so every player could have an equal role in participating as a leader. He believes the reason the team has won two championships was simply because of this.

Having 13 seniors on the team last year, resulted in the bowling team being much smaller for the next season. It was difficult at times but they persevered through it and worked even harder. Sophomore Maddy Gentes, who has been bowling for ten years, said  “The most important thing I have learned,is to always trust your team.” She also said the best part about being on the team was getting to bowl with her brother, Ryan Gentes. Going into this year’s championship Mr. Martin believed there was a possibility of winning again because the team was heavily favored. He also said when he started this team, he didn’t think  winning two championships would ever happen.

According to Mr. Martin the best part about being coach is “being able to live through the players accomplishments” and “ watching the students not only improve as bowlers but also as human beings”. He believes, as a coach, there is nothing more rewarding than that. Maddy Gentes said the most rewarding part of this years championship was beating the rival team Spaulding. In the future, Mr. Martin hopes more students will get involved in in bowling and to not be afraid of doing what you love. Lastly, he said that  winning three championships is what he is looking forward to most next year. Out of all the years of being a coach Mr .Martin said the biggest lesson he has learned was “ to never underestimate a dedicated group of Goffstown students”.