World Autism Awareness Month


Maddy Charette, Staff Writer

Wear Blue on April Two!

April 2nd is a day that people with autism, people who have loved ones with autism, and supporters of people with autism raise awareness. People around the globe wear blue items on this day. During the remainder of the month of April, World Autism Awareness is celebrated where advocates work to spread awareness for individuals on the autism spectrum.

This day may or may not be something you’ve heard of; however, Autism Awareness day and month are huge events. Last year, the White House was lit blue on April 3rd. Rockefeller Center also was illuminated blue last year. Sports teams, famous buildings, stadiums, etc “lit it up blue” in 2017. April, 2018 is the eleventh annual World Autism Awareness Day.

Not only is Autism Awareness Day important in the United States, but in 157 countries around the world.  Nearly eighty percent of nations recognize the importance of wearing blue and shining blue lights on April 2nd.