Interesting Points of Ellie


Anna Mullins, Staff Writer

A Star Wars loving, Sherlock crazed, band enthusiast, and dog fanatic from Goffstown! That could only be Ellie Mower. Ellie is an extremely “funny” person, as she would describe herself. She also likes to call herself “band” because of how much she loves band. Her friend Jamie would say “she’s a fun person to be around,” and her friend Jess says that she is a “trustworthy and caring friend.” She loves to play with her dog Finn, who happens to be her favorite family member. After school if she’s not sleeping or watching Netflix, she’s playing with him. A memory that she would like to relive is getting Finn from Tall Tails Beagles last year. Finn was named after her favorite Star Wars character. Along with Finn she also has a brother named Colin and a “mom called Mom and dad called Dad,” but they have real names “obviously” Ellie says.

Her favorite movie is Star Wars Rogue One which, becomes obvious when you see her wearing her favorite Rogue One jacket or when you hear her talking about the movie. When asked how she would describe her clothing style she says “whatever fit and that’s not trash.” She would love to live on the Millennium Falcon or 221B Baker Street ,if she could live in any fictional place, because Star Wars is her favorite movie and Sherlock is her favorite TV show. She doesn’t have a favorite book though because she “doesn’t read books.” If she was able to go back in time she would marry a young Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

Other things that she likes to do besides watching Star Wars, she likes to ski and take part in band. Her favorite class is definitely band because it is her most exciting and fun class. She and other band members like to jokingly call her “percussion mom.” This makes sense because in her band class she is always the one to keep thing on track and she makes sure that the instruments are put back in their place. Ellie doesn’t like rude people, she actually said that that is the worst characteristic that a person could have. Her friend Ty agreed with what she said adding that she gets really annoyed with the rude people in band, when they aren’t respecting the instruments and the other people.  When Ty was asked to describe Ellie he said “Ellieish is that a word, it should be a word,” then he explained that it meant she like when things were in their place and when everything is neat. He also said that she was most definitely the “mom” of the group.

Ellie would like to take up world traveling if money wasn’t an issue. Her top three places she’d like to travel are Paris, France, London, England and 221.B. Baker Street. So that she could go to the flat where Sherlock the BBC show was filmed.

When she was asked what makes up a person she said, “ They’re made of flesh,” then she followed up with “ I’m hilarious, why don’t I have a boyfriend?” The small things that make her happy from day to day are chocolates and seeing Anna who is what she considers a best friend to be. This is because Anna is kind and is able to understand her better than some of her other friends. Ellie is a kind and caring friend that is  reliable. She would do anything for all of her friends. This is something that is wanted in a friend by most people. All of Ellie’s friends would say that she is trustworthy and hardworking. If you have her trust, then you can trust her with anything. She likes when people are honest and who wouldn’t ever wrong her, and the best feature a person could have is “they play a character in Star Wars” Ellie says to conclude the interview.