Softball Season has begun


Anna Lendry, Staff writer

The long-awaited tryouts finally came. All athletes trying out for the Goffstown High School softball team are gathering in the gym. Senior Kara Lendry is excited, as this is her last high school tryouts ever. Kara is feeling tired, worn out, and sore at the end of the 3-hour tryout. Now all she has to do is wait anxiously for the news of what team she made.

On March 19th, GHS held their softball tryouts after school in the gym. About 60 girls showed up, all in hopes to make either JV or varsity. The tryouts were over the course of three days, and each girl was evaluated through a series of intense circuits and drills.  

“Circuits are very intense. They get you to work hard, this is my fourth year trying out and they never get easier,”  Kara Lendry explains.

Circuits are a series of workout exercises the girls have to do to test their athletic training. The athletes are required to run a course of five stations. At each station they have to do a different conditioning workout, such as wall sits or burpees. In between each station they have to run around the gym, all while being timed. Each day the circuits get harder and faster.

“The circuits prove that our team does not slack. We all push ourselves very hard” Kara concludes. “Softball is a sport to take seriously”

After the circuits, the Coach Matt Flemming would do drills with the girls. He would test their batting and throwing/catching abilities. The coaches aren’t only looking for talent, but also good attitudes and leadership. Having a good attitude will only radiate positivity during the upcoming season. They also look for girls who show leadership skills, and can be a good role model for the team.

“When you walk into the gym for tryouts, you immediately want to put on a smile and show you’re excited to be there. Having a good attitude will show the coaches you are happy and care about softball” Kara says.

After all the tryouts are over, the girls get to relax and watch a movie in the step room. One by one, each athlete will be called out of the room by the coach, then they will find out if they made a team or not. The tryouts were full of talent this year, so it was not clear who would make what team. There were very few cuts this year, and both the JV and Varsity teams are filled up with hard working, skilled athletes. As for Kara Lendry, she made the varsity team. This would make it her 3rd (and last) year playing on varsity. Kara and Justine Watterson are captains for the varsity team this year, and both are looking forward for a good season.

“I am very happy to make varsity again this year,” Kara says. “Because I’m a senior, this will be my last year playing high school softball. I will miss playing with a team full of great friends and coaches”

The season has officially kicked off this past Saturday, March 31, at Bedford High School. Goffstown had a scrimmage against them and won 5-3. Practices will go all the way until the end of May, almost everyday after school. Games will be every week, and hopefully the team will make it all the way to the championships.

“For my senior year, I hope to win the championship and take home the title of Division 2 state champs”, Kara says. Wish the Goffstown softball team good luck this year in their upcoming season and come support them at every game!