Girl from Another Country

Girl from Another Country

Adrianna Longhi, Staff Writer

Arielle Longhi is not your average American twenty one year old. Why? Longhi was born in Panama City, Panama on September 11, 1996.  Why was she born in Central America? Because her father, Steven Longhi at the time was serving in the US Armed Forces when he met her mother Melissa Contreras (Now Melissa Longhi).  After falling in love they had Arielle. Her father had to leave his child and love behind when the time came for him to return to the states, although he continued to send what was needed for them and visited often. Eventually,  Arielle, Melissa and Steven all were able to live happily in the United states, November of 1998, just after Arielle’s second birthday.

Life in the US was such great change for the new family. Once in the US, Steven and Melissa got married at a family members farm where Arielle was the flower girl. The weather was also a big change coming to New England from 90 degree weather in Panama. Arielle was sick often but never severely and eventually  adjusted to the cold weather. Arielle’s whole life changed quickly when her baby sister was born and stole the spotlight. Arielle was not a fan of her younger sister at first. She was not pleased when the attention was on the new baby but as years went on then began to get along better besides when Adrianna, her younger sister, would steal her things and mostly clothes. Arielle says “ I could never pick just one favorite memory because my childhood was great for the most part.

Arielle graduated at the age of 17 from GHS being young for her senior class. Arielle graduated from high school not knowing what she wanted to do with her life or what she wanted to do in her very near future. Coming  from a family with a strong military background joining the Armed Forces (Air National Guard) was always an option her father pointed out. After thinking it over for about a month due to fact it was a big decision to make Arielle decided to join the Air National Guard. A few months later Arielle left for basic training at the Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas. Her family attend her graduation and was proud to see her in uniform after not being able to see her for 12 weeks. She specializes in Security Force with is basically military police. After returning from basic training she continued to attend drill one weekend a month while working her other job at CMC.

Arielle later met her now fiancé Ben Goley while working at CMC. She says “I’ve met the love of my life. I couldn’t be happier.” Ben later joined the Air Guard as well after being inspired by his fiancé. Its now 3 years later, Arielle and Ben are expecting their first child, a baby girl that’s due March 23, 2018. Arielle says although she is nervous for what parenting life is going to be like she also says “I’m excited to start this next chapter of my life with my family and the people I love the most in my life.” She’s not the only one excited for the new addition in the family, her  parents Steven and Melissa say “we couldn’t be happier to be grandparents, although this was unexpected, we know Arielle will make the best mother and Ben will make a great dad. We cannot wait to meet the baby!” Arielle’s sister is also very excited to be an auntie! She says “I can’t wait to meet her! I’m gonna spoil her like crazy! And babysit whenever it’s needed!”

Arielle Longhi has had quite an eventful life at just 21 years old. Her journey has been quite the ride and has really just begun now in adulthood and there is so much more to come for her and her now growing family! Arielle is definitely not your average 21 year old.