If You Love Alien, Let Me Know


Jamie Setzler, Staff Writer

Sabrina Carpenter is not quite a household name, but she’s well on her way to becoming known. With two headline tours, opening for artists as popular as Ariana Grande, acting alongside Daniel Radcliffe, starring in a hit sitcom, and numerous movies under her belt, Sabrina has been able to gain an outstanding fanbase that she lovingly calls her “family” or “Carpenters”. Her sophomore album, ƎVO⅃ution, was released in October 2016, exactly 18 months after her debut album, Eyes Wide Open. This album prompted a headlining tour across the United States and four follow-up shows in Europe while opening for The Vamps, with whom she made a song called “Hands”. She then opened for Ariana Grande in Brazil before returning to America with her next headlining tour, The De-Tour with her new song “Why” and teasing Carpenters with an un-released slow song called “Alone Together”.

In the midst of all this, she tweeted an artist named Jonas Blue and they met while he was visiting Los Angeles. Following that, they got together again while Sabrina was touring in London and sat down to write and record “Alien” all in one day. With Jonas’s DJ skills and Sabrina’s amazing vocals, the song was a hit that they kept to themselves for nearly a year.

The song opens with the line from which it draws its name by saying, “This feeling’s so alien,” and that is the only time the word is said in that form. She then immediately continues the first verse before descending into the pre-chorus, the chorus, and drop. She repetitively says, “if you love me, let me know” and “it’ll be a better night” in the chorus and drop along to a catchy beat.

Sabrina provided vocals that would be difficult for others her age to rival at only nineteen. With outstanding lyrics and terrific singing, the song was bound to be a hit and it was. Lyrics like, “the paranoia is sinking in” and “I’m overthinking my thoughts again” were particularly special to fans because of the meanings behind them. They capture the emotions that people feel in a relationship when unsure of what another person is feeling.

While those lyrics were undoubtedly eloquent, the most genius part was probably the line that said, “leave it on my brain/if you feel the same”. It was a fun way of rephrasing the aforementioned, “if you love me, let me know” line before jumping into the pre-chorus of begging the person the song is aimed at to allow her to “discover all of your colors”.

All of these words, lines, and verses were what made the song what it was. It was, without doubt, a masterpiece. Sabrina and Jonas collaborating was nothing short of a gift to the music industry. Their talents blended beautifully in a way that easily highlighted both of their strengths. They are both incredible young artists with astonishing careers ahead of them and “Alien” will not be forgotten as one of the best pieces in both of their discographies. It is a solid 10/10 and listening to it would definitely be one of the best ways to spend two minutes and 55 seconds.