OMG You Guys! Legally Blonde Auditions!


Jamie Setzler, Staff Writer

The buzz begins when people say a quick hello to friends from other places and start asking whether they should go to M1 or M2. Eventually, the group flocks to M2 and settles down in the first and second rows of chairs next to their friends. From any point in the room, nervous chatter can be heard from students who are worried about the song they picked to audition with and conversations about how excited they are to participate in a show as beloved as Legally Blonde.

The excitement started on Friday, May 11th when Mr. Desrochers hung a poster announcing the show, the show date, and the date of auditions. Everyone in the music department immediately began stressing over what song they were going to sing and what their audition cut should be. After B lunch that day, there was a lot of screaming coming from the direction of the music wing and many people began changing their summer plans to cater to the musical. Now, the day had finally arrived, everyone’s nerves were officially at an all-time high. Everyone was on edge and some were even so nervous they were shaking. Despite this, the auditioners were still able to pull off breathtaking auditions that either made people laugh (in a good way, of course) or cry. Some people used emotional songs, and some used more humorous ones. Either way, there was a lot of talent and support radiating from that music room.

“We have such an amazing group and there is a really strong feeling of family within the cast,” Autumn Hirsch spoke about the cast. Autumn dedicates a lot of time to the music department here and so it was no surprise that she was among the group auditioning.

Legally Blonde is an extremely popular show, so it definitely drew in a few people who haven’t done the musicals in the past and there’s even a bunch of people who are already excited to attend the performance on August 2, 3, and 4th. However, no one is as excited as the cast.

Beyond the cast’s alacrity to perform, the underclassmen are anxious about making this a good show for the departing seniors. “I’m excited to get to see everyone work together on stage and grow as a company, while making a mark since it is the seniors’ last show,” Hailey Beauchemin said. While Hailey may only be a freshman, she has a multitude of senior friends and is said to see them go, but happy to get to spend one last show with her best friends.

The entire cast is thrilled to be participating and the enthusiasm is guaranteed to make the show a hit. With the amount of talent that the cast holds, going to see the show would not be a waste of time.