The Canobie Project Commences


Anna Mullins, Staff Writer

On Friday, May 25th The Physical Science classes went to Canobie Lake Park and had a great time, but now the project begins. The project is a poster presentation that will be displayed in class. The poster will consist of all the normal lab report contents, such as an intro, materials, procedure, data, and results. There will also be a history of the ride, how Newton’s Three Laws are used in the operation of the ride and also the types of motion and the forces the ride uses.

At Canobie most students were more focused on riding all of the rides instead of getting the data that was needed for the project. This made working on the project  much more difficult, because now students have to look up information on the ride that they would have had if they wrote down the data when at the park. Looking up the data needed is much harder than calculating the data from the ride. When trying to find the data online especially trying to find speed and other things associated with speed, it can be very difficult. This is difficult to find online because to find speed the formula is distance multiplied by time, and getting this information off of a video is very difficult, definitely more difficult than getting the data from the ride when at the park.

When putting together the tri-fold, students wanted to make sure that their project was bright and fun. Prior to going to Canobie there was a pre project that was done in class. The pre-project was setting up the data tables, writing the procedure and creating the materials list. To go on the trip students had to pass the pre-project, which was really easy to do. This is also evident as all students who said they were going on the trip did go to Canobie.

In class the posters are set up around the room and half of the students present their projects while the other half walks around to see what their peers did for their projects. The teachers walk around to hear all of the presentations and ask questions. After the first half of the class presents, it’s the other half’s turn. When it is all over the students get to breathe and don’t have to think about this project ever again; until the grade gets put in.