Inside Our Town


Zoe Zeballos, Staff Writer

On Friday, October 19 at 7:00 pm, GHS will be putting on for one night only, Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. Tickets will be $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors. Our Town is a three-act play following the lives of our two main characters, Emily Webb and George Gibbs, as they grow up in Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire.

The actors have all worked hard to learn their lines and portray the story as Wilder would have wanted. Our Town is also special due to the simplicity of the set, with minimal props and mimes filling in the blanks. It is an interesting technique that highlights the important objects and force focus onto the characters. “Our cast has had a great rehearsal run and we look forward to an incredible performance this coming Friday, October 19th,” said Victoria Alvarado, the director of play.

Wilder writes about the daily lives of the citizens of the town and while no, there are no horrible disasters or five-minute musical numbers, the characters and the situations feel real and relatable even to an audience over a hundred years later. From daily life, to love and marriage, to death and eternity, Our Town keeps you invested in the lives of the all the citizens of Grover’s Corners.

Our Town is a thought-provoking play about human interaction and the little things in life,” says Alvarado, “I hope that this play will encourage our audience to have a moment of introspection – to look inward and realize how much we should appreciate and enjoy the people and blessings in our lives.”