Elijah The Creator


Elijah Boisvert

Ralph Barrett IV, Staff Writer

The kid everyone talks about in Goffstown High School. The kid who is an expert piano player, tremendous ukulele and guitar player, and a fantastic producer and publisher of videos. Elijah Boisvert. With his brown hair, blue eyes, and a friendly smile, he creates music on his website, and makes videos on his YouTube channel. Not only is Elijah Boisvert extremely talented, but he is often described as “like, the coolest person ever,” by Olivia Brennen, and many others. Elijah can immediately make a person smile during their roughest times just by giving his famous infectious smile, and showing that he cares about any problem you may have. “He’s a wonderful young man who is trustworthy. You can rely on [Elijah] when things need to be done,” Emilie Fitzgerald, another junior at Goffstown said.


Elijah can be described as the most reliable, kind, and lighthearted person in the entire world. Elijah moved into Goffstown High School his Freshmen year, and has been making friends, music, and videos since then. He has played piano since the young age of three, and has his own website at www.playthekeys.com. He also picked up the guitar and the ukulele along the way. Elijah has lived in Goffstown his entire life, but he was homeschooled up until freshman year. Smiling when asked how he wants to be viewed, he said “I want to be known as a creator. I create videos and music,” he says passionately. Elijah also says that he has a Youtube account, (“elijah boisvert,” or “Elijah B,”) and is happy that he just reached a milestone of 250 subscribers.


Elijah lives with his two younger brothers and his mom and dad, who are all very close and support each other constantly. The support he has had as he has grown up has paid off, as Elijah talks about how he is involved in the community, in and outside of school. “Inside of school, I am a part of Makin’ it Happen.’ I believe it started last year, and [I] went to a meeting place where we talked about anti-drug things.” He asserts. He believes that the club Makin’ it Happen can help change a big problem for the youth, especially in this generation. Saying that Elijah was described as a kind and lighthearted person was an understatement, as he is concerned about his generation and is trying to make a change. Another thing Elijah is involved in is his local church. He has played piano for them for a while in a band on stage. He is very involved in the church. He performs at his church on the keyboard, and one of his favorite memories is when he performed at the Southern New Hampshire University for his church, Manchester Christian Church. He remembers the view from the big stage, and how he was in awe of how many people were there, watching he and his band just jamming out.

The only thing that Elijah regrets from the past is that he used to always set goals, making videos or in person, and he never went out and executed those goals. Elijah wants people to view him as a very approachable and friendly person, no matter who they are. He loves making friends with anyone. He also wants others to view him as a very happy human being, and seeing that Elijah does everything with a huge smile on his face justifies that. Other than creating videos and music, he plays some video games, like Zelda or Mario Bros. on his Nintendo Switch. He says that other than playing video games and to make music and videos, he doesn’t do that much at all. He has one dog, who he loves dearly.


Elijah is someone that people in Goffstown should model. He is a terrific student, an outstanding person, and is very happy and involved in the community. Talented, down to Earth, and extremely helpful, Elijah is not only the creator of great music and great videos, but a tremendous creator of friendship.

Elijah in his element