Games of Homecoming


Julian Kilgore, Staff Writer

The Homecoming assembly games left in its wake champions and losers. The assembly games were a display of athleticism and grit as never before seen at a homecoming. The crowds raged and cheered like the spectators of a gladiatorial bout in the colosseum. There were upsets and expected victories, but in the end the spectators were provided a good experience.

The annual fan favorite event was dodgeball. The age old saying from Patches O’Houlihan in the movie Dodgeball “If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball” from the film Dodgeball seemed a fitting a phrase for the dodgeball event as the seniors and freshmen were throwing heat. The freshmen beat the juniors in an upset victory with the invincible Roen Pelliter wearing a batman shirt. Though when it was time for the championship match between the seniors and the freshmen, there was no contest. The seniors devastated the freshmen. This victory was a great boost to the confidence of the seniors. However, once the seniors won the dodgeball championship, they faced off against a select group of vicious teachers. These teachers struggled and put up a good fight, but it was not enough for the dodgeball machine that is the senior dodgeball team.

Once 4v4 soccer came around the seniors took a blowout victory against the sophomores with Nick Mason “putting on a clinic” and made their way to the championship round. It was seniors vs juniors as the juniors had a blowout victory against the freshmen. The seniors couldn’t clinch the victory against the juniors in their match. This was another set back for the seniors vying for the HOCO Champion title after having won it the previous year as juniors.

4v4 Soccer (Sophomore vs Seniors)

The first game that took place at the assembly was Hungry Hungry Humans. This game isn’t as interesting or fun like soccer and dodgeball, a sentiment shared by many students. In this event the four grades were pitted against each other in the middle of the gym. The objective was to get the most balls big or small that were placed in the middle of the court into your teams bucket. The juniors came away with this surprising victory. After their victory they had to go up against the undefeated super team consisting of Mr. Chadbourne, Mr. Dalzell, and Mr. Bracy. The super team remained undefeated and got so many balls they needed a second bucket for their spoils. Senior Haydn Huard says “The part when Chadbourne came out with the WWE championship belt was the best and funniest moment for me”.

The game preceding the exciting soccer event was the plunger pull. Arguably the least interesting event because there aren’t many ups and downs and it doesn’t provide excitement like the other events. Yet, again the seniors took a loss. The freshmen came away with the win, leaving the other grades in their wake. This loss for the seniors painted a grim picture of  their chances for winner of the event.

The sporting events were awesome to watch. Each grade suffered and experienced victory. However, as senior Jarren Fox says “the games should be changed for variety” and he believes they should change one of the games to knockout -a basketball mini game where one shoots the ball and the person who shoots second attempts to get the first shooter out by making a basket before the first person makes one if they miss- to make the assembly even more enjoyable.

Pictures Provided by Mrs. Pozin