Mrs. D in the SLC


Julia Gentili, Staff Writer

Jessica Desrochers is a new teacher at Goffstown High School, working in the newly created Student Learning Commons, also known as the SLC. She’s very excited to be a team member at Goffstown High School. Mrs. D holds a period one prep each odd day morning where she often brings snacks for the class to enjoy. Also during the prep, she celebrates birthdays by singing “Happy Birthday” and bringing in snacks. “I look forward to PREP every odd day because the kids are really nice and it’s nice to get to know students” she says. Mrs. D encourages students to come to the SLC to work collaboratively with groups or other students and to get help on their studies.

This is Mrs.D’s first year at Goffstown High School. She has worked at two other schools in the past. Mrs. D has enjoyed her time at GHS so far,  as “a new school can be nerve-racking but staff and students have been really welcoming.” Over the summer she worked with a group of students and teachers. She had a lot of fun working with this group. One of the best moments was from her summer show with the group of students. This year she was asked to be a homecoming judge for the assembly and looked forward to it. She was to see “enthusiasm, sick dance moves and school spirit” from those participating in homecoming. She also was the DJ at the homecoming dance.  While she’s here at Goffstown High School, she hopes to bring “enthusiasm and excitement for learning”.

Working in the student learning commons, is Mrs. D’s “work wife” , Mrs. Jukes. “Ms. D is the sunshine of my life at Goffstown High School” Ms. Juke says. In the SLC, students can go see Mrs. D or Ms. Jukes during their prep if they would like help on their school work. Mrs. D prefers math and spanish because there is one right answer, but will try to help you with any subject. She can think quickly on her feet to help students out and is willing to help you work through any math problems you don’t understand. “Just come down to the Student Learning Commons!”  It is located in room 206, which was the old SRC.

Mrs. D didn’t always know what she wanted to do, but she did know that she wanted to work with kids. At first, she wanted to be a guidance counselor. She went to Bow High School and had a close relationship with her guidance counselor. In fact, they are still in touch today. She then decided to become a teacher after working in an elementary classroom. She especially likes to work with high school students because “you get to see an end of a chapter”.

During Mrs. D’s free time, she coaches soccer at Pembroke High School. She enjoys the game, and played in college at Dickinson College. Pembroke’s season has been successful, which makes coaching soccer even more fun for her and the team.  Right now her team is tied for first place in Division 2. “It creates a busy fall, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” Mrs. D says.

Ms. D also likes to DJ, to watch “The Real HouseWives,” comedy movies, and spending time with her friends and family.  She has a son who is 7, and three “bonus” children who are 10, 12 and 14. She also has two dogs that are black lab mixes. Her husband, Mr. Desrochers and her are always shuttleing the kids to and from somewhere. They like to go mini golfing and bowling as a family. Currently, she is reading the first Harry Potter with her son. Mrs. Desrochers’  favorite book is “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”. She likes to read and enjoyed summer reading. She read and listened to “One of Us Is Lying” on audible. She even reached out to the author.

If anyone was to play her in a movie it would be “someone funny who was on Saturday Night Live or still is like Amy Poehier or Rachel Dratch because they are just funny and my life is kind of comedic sometimes.”

She hopes that all students enjoy a part of school, whether it’s a teacher students like, a group of friends or an activity they enjoy. Mrs. D has a kind and bubbly personality that makes students feel welcomed in the SLC. She always walks into period one PREP with a smile on her face and ready to start the day with a positive attitude.