Paez’s Football Journey

Amalia Plentzas, Staff Writer

Heads pounding, helmets wobbling, breath shaking, and crowd screaming. A  flood of boys run out onto the field in maroon attire. They are the Goffstown Grizzlies football team. The 17 year old, 6’1 senior by the name of Jose Paez (#80)  takes pride in being a grizzly and being part of something so big and well known. This is a prime example how the Goffstown football program has “changed High school student lives for the better”.

Paez asserts that football has given him some purpose and excitement, giving the fall a new meaning every year. He does consider himself slightly above average at the sport but does realize he is a hard working, well-put-together, athlete who provides a lot to the team. The team itself this year has had it’s troubles but is rising up and conquering the change of losing last year’s seniors.The team is doing well but Paez believes every individual on the team needs to practice more and develop better communication in order to be 100% where they would all like to be.

Every sport has good and bad times to it, Paez reveals those good and bad times, according to Paez the best times are pre-season which start in the late summer, which are the summer sessions. In the summer sessions the boys stay up North at a camp named ‘Camp Robin Hood’ without phone access, just to bond together as a team for about four days. They eat, sleep and breathe around one another which is what creates such a close team for the real season, being together like family nonstop. Once, in the summer session, “We caught a spider in our cabin, so we found a lighter and an axe bottle and used it as a ‘flamethrower’ to light the spider on fire” is what he explained as fun, who knew the team didn’t enjoy spiders that much? The bad times in the sport occur when it begins to get cold, body heat can only go so far. “Hitting each other when cold, is hard and frustrating” he said, while mentioning that the best way to get over frustration or a loss is to not think about it and let it go by stepping into a mindset of acceptance.

Outside of football, Paez says in free time he “chills like a villain”, eats food, plays basketball, and volleyball.  Paez has been very involved in his community because of sports and because of his bright, eccentric personality, which has made many people love being around him. He will never fail to make anyone’s day better, and he always knows how to make you laugh or insult you so much that you have to laugh. Each year of High School, Paez is very caring to others can will make anyone laugh when they are upset. Since 14 years old, Paez has been involved in the Goffstown football program and has loved every minute of it. His motto in the game is ‘I’m just here for the violence’ meaning he is up and ready to go.  In the grand scheme of things, football has given the opportunity to form new friendships and it has provided an outlet for kids to feel accomplished through a sport that they love.

With the season still brewing, Paez mentions that school is obviously the main focus but football does actually help provide skills that can be used off of the field and inside the classroom. Communication, Patience, Quick learning ability, and listening skills are all needed in a classroom, especially getting along with people. He has made a lot of friends, and when asked who has really helped him over the years, he mentions two fellow teammates; Nick Fragos (#54) and Ben Dodge (#7) they “Help me with everything I need, literally whatever I ask for they are always there”. Friendships are the most important thing in high school, and being part of something can very well create many more. Jose finds pride in the sport and so much passion for what he does, so does everyone else in GHS, the real reason our football team is so hyped up and ready to go is because of the fans. ‘The best fan’ as Paez says, who is at almost every game who is basically the heart and soul of the team is Justin Kaminski! One of Paez’s most favorite recent events was when Kaminski was thrown up into the air by the Goffstown cheerleaders and made the team and students roar with excitement.

As voiced, the impact of sports on a students high school experience is magical! Unlike small gatherings with friends, sports create a bond and a family for those who would love one. After hearing about Paez  and the team, it has provided clear information that this team is not just a seasonal, once a year bond. The last question asked that was a make or break was ‘If you could do it all again but had to redo your four years of highschool to do so, would you?’. Believe it or not, Paez said he would do it over a million times, and that proves to the school, family, friends and team how much these four years have impacted many students lives. Paez has shown much love for this team and passion for his sport, truthfully football helps define him and unleash his inner self in a way nothing else ever could before. “Football has made me the best version of myself”.