Concussed at the Homecoming Dance


Students ready for the homecoming dance

Jessica Martel, Staff Writer

Hundreds of students are piled up in the gym dancing like they’ve never danced before. Kylie Bryant is pushing through the crowd trying to find her friends then all of a sudden a shoulder slams into her head and she falls to the cold gym floor. As Kylie sits on the gym floor, she sees everyone looking over her. She slowly gets up with her hand over her head trying to stop the pain. Being her senior year, she is not going to let anything get in her way of having a good time. She puts a smile on her face and pushes through for the rest of the dance. Unfortunately, the next day she was diagnosed with a concussion.

On October 13th from 7:00-10:00 p.m. the Goffstown High School held their homecoming dance. Mr. Pyszka, a social studies teacher at GHS, was there from the beginning helping to make the dance run smoothly. He believes there were around 600 students at the dance which is the average from past years. From the perspective of Mr. Pyszka everything went smoothly. He says, “I think the dance was overall successful, everyone was rockin in there and it really looked like a great time”. However, Mr.Pyszka was not aware of the incident with Kylie during the crowd surfing that night. “People thought it was a mosh pit or something and they started crowd surfing and I got separated from my friends. I was just trying to make my way back to them and then the next thing you know the ceiling’s falling on my head, but really, it’s just this guy falling on my head,” kylie explains.

The next day Kylie went to the doctors because of her pounding headache and found out that the so called “mosh pit” lead her to a concussion. Kylie has to take a week off of school and then start with half days only until she is feeling back to her normal self. Although the concussion is not something Kylie is happy about, she still says the dance was worth it. “ It’s my senior year and I know that when I leave high school the dances will be a memory that I will always keep close to me, other than the concussion I would definitely say it was a success”.