Homecoming 2018: A Review


Zoe Zeballos, Staff Writer

All good things must come to an end, and as of October 13th, GHS Homecoming 2018 is officially over.

This year there were pretty simple dress up days, but still everyone put in their all to participate. From flannel pajamas on the hottest of days to beach wear on cold dreary ones, everyone worked hard to earn points for their class and have fun.

The assembly was overflowing with team spirit, each grade ready to cheer for the games and dances. Every grade had a rockin’ routine full of teamwork, with every dance being better than the last. The freshmen gave us a good start with a nice dance making good use of their small amount of dancers. The sophomores blew me away with their fast paced acrobatic tricks which left me a mess of “wow!” and “too cool!”. The camo clad juniors came out with an impressive dance routine including all sorts of songs, the most memorable being the Wii channel music. Last but certainly not least, came the Senior class with a well-coordinated dance routine. They had multiple costumed references to various songs such as opening with a student dressed as the lead singer of Queen who silenced the crowd with a single movement or the the pair dressed as Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing who pulled off the difficult lift and spin in the air.

In the end however, there can only be one winner. So if you missed the rankings during the assembly, I’ve got you covered. For the flags, the freshmen came in fourth – following the sophomores, juniors, and finally the seniors. The class of 2019 came in first with their impressive flag which was donned with a crowned bear. In the spirit day category, seniors came in first, then the freshmen, sophomores, and lastly, the juniors. You can probably guess that in the end the class of 2019 was yet again victorious this homecoming. I look forward to seeing if they can keep up this winning streak.