Christmas Show at GHS


Maddy Charette, Staff Writer

The table is set in preparation for the fourteen children arriving. Sisters Madison and Kaitlyn Charette wait anxiously for their guests to arrive. Eric Romein drops off his daughter Izzy along with their neighbors, siblings Aidan and Sara Gallagher, and a friend Jacinia Farris. Not much later, triplets Kyla, Ella, and Carter Pothier arrive and take their seats at the overcrowded table. Sisters Mackenzie and Cassidie Plourde arrive around the same time as Cameron Bergeron. Then comes Paige Wellman. Everyone sits and waits patiently for the last crew member. Lily Hazelbaker arrives and takes her seat. Rehearsals have begun.

    Love, Eley is a unique play written, directed, produced, and performed by a group of kids you’ll see nowhere else. The play focuses on a Christmas elf’s adventures helping two modern-day scrooges find love. The group rehearses at the writer/director’s house at least once a week. The decision to do this show was to truly present an original Christmas production acted by middle schoolers.

With this eccentric ensemble, getting everyone to corporate can be a challenge.

    “They get rowdy sometimes, but we can usually get them back on track”, explains Paige Wellman, the only high school student acting in the play. The director, the only other high school participant, works solely behind the scenes.

    With such a variety of vivid personalities, rehearsals can surely get interesting. Kyla and Paige work quietly while giving productive tips. Aidan and Carter spend their time running about, yet never cease to impress with their exquisite acting skills. Lily, Jacinia, Izzy, and Kaitlyn giggling and talking about the latest drama occuring of their world of seventh grade. Cameron working hard at his lines. Mackenzie trying to calm the kids and focus them on rehearsal. Lily and Cassidie working on their small, yet essential roles. Sara doing her very best despite being a whole three years younger than most of them. And Madison conducting the crew from her director seat.

    “For some reason, the dynamics work, and I don’t doubt the cast a bit. Somehow this unparalleled ensemble of children and teens alike are managing to put this show together”, explains Madison.

    The group is working hard to ensure a top-notch performance next month. With Kaitlyn and Izzy leading vocal warm ups in one room, Kyla assists Sara, the youngest actor, in learning her lines. Meanwhile Madison watches hesitantly as Paige, Jacinia, and Carter attempt to pick up on the candy cane tap dance to Jingle Bell Rock. Slowly but surely, the group is finding their footing…literally.

    “I think the play is awesome and I can’t wait to perform,” comments Cameron. “Yeah, I think the play is very interesting and unique,” adds Kyla. Cameron plays the part of Matthew Wood, the lead male. Kyla, on the other hand has an equally important job as music and costume director. She also works hard giving feedback on the actors during rehearsals. “My favorite part of rehearsal is when we watch everyone learn their parts and dances”, she elaborates.

    With all fourteen of them crowded around the kitchen table along with the occasional companion of Madison and Kailyn’s little brother, hunger can arise. The hosts’ mother, thankfully, provides delicious homemade meals for them.

    “We should all be very thankful to my amazing mom who always provides delicious snacks”, compliments Kaitlyn, who is cast as one of the two female leads.

    With the cast working as hard as they are, success is ensured. Jacinia Farris, who is cast in the ensemble is confident about this. “The show will come out amazing”, she explains, “and if not, that’s okay. Nobody is perfect,” she explains, mentioning that with hard work, the play should turn out near incredible. Even with the minute flaws, Jacinia views this as an incredible experience.

    “I think this is a great opportunity for all the cast to grow and become closer than some of us already are,” Jacinia elaborates. Ella Pothier agrees, and adds that “the play is super fun to [work on].”

    Another miraculous component of the show is that the entirety of the show is orchestrated by minors. All of the effects, dances, and even some songs are all originals by the children.

    “I think it’s so amazing that we are doing this without an adult to help us,” beamed Izzy, who plays the main character and also manages to help a lot with the dances and props.    

    Dancing, acting, singing, and laughing is what makes their rehearsals work. All of the participants as ecstatic for the one performance December 21 at 6:30 at the GHS theater. They are positive that the show will be fun, magical, and overall worth the watch!

    As Cassidie explains it, “with everything we have put into it, I think the final product will be a magical piece of Christmas cheer and quite an amazing show”.