Student Council takes on Waterville


The Goffstown Student Counsil at Waterville Valley NH

Jessica Martel, Staff Writer

Everyone is crowded into a room with music blasting and lights flashing but no one seems to be moving. Griffin Hansen and Justin Kaminski walk in with the rest of Goffstown following close behind them. Justin and Griffin look at each other… “time to get this party started” Justin whispers to himself. The song “Country Road” comes on and instantly the students of Goffstown break into song. As they are belting out the lyrics, their bodies are moving everywhere, everyone showing off their very best dance moves. Then the kids around them finally start to let loose too. Now the whole room is filled with laughs as everyone is busting dance moves having the time of their lives.

Beginning November 9th through November 11th, a conference in Waterville Valley, NH brought student councils from all over the state together. The point of the conference was to build leadership skills and find ways to improve the student councils across New Hampshire. A highlight of the trip for the students of Goffstown High School was the Friday night dance. The Goffstown crew noticed that not a lot of people were moving around and the overall feel seemed a little awkward. Justin and Griffin quickly took the lead and got all the Goffstown students singing and dancing. This resulted in all the other kids involved and the whole room was filled with enthusiastic students on the dance floor.

“My favorite part was the dance Friday night.” Justin explains. “ It was a great experience to see all the student council members connected together.”  Griffin also adds “ It can be difficult around a large group of people that you don’t know, but if you have the right attitude you can really get everyone to have a fun time, and Goffstown succeeded in that. I’m very proud of us.”

During the weekend in Waterville Valley, student council students listened in on many inspirational speeches, participated in many leadership conferences, and played many icebreaker games. They played a game called “Guess the Song”, where GHS shined. In this game, a song would start to play and the first team to guess the song wins. Goffstown students worked together to guess songs fast and beat the other teams. They ate many yummy meals as well as met and connected with other students from all over New Hampshire. The point of this conference was to connect students and teach them leadership skills.

“I had a lot more fun than I expected” Griffin says. “I wish I had the chance to go again, to anyone who goes in the future, enjoy it, because you will miss it when it’s over.” Justin said “I’m very proud of all my fellow Goffstown Student Council members for helping give Goffstown a good name by representing us at this conference, and showing everyone we are a very hard working group.”